Saturday, July 16, 2011

MagNoodles Moving Ahead

This has been a great week - MagNoodles are now sold in 6 stores in the Pittsburgh area, including Whole Foods, as of Thursday! I am excited that so many people value the benefits of organic, clean grains, and the high standards in which MagNoodles are produced. The new website is done - and soon you can purchase MagNoodles online - by the case or by the box.
The new recipe created by my husband this week included Sundried Tomatoes, and a bottle of white wine. Sauteing chopped vidalla onions, adding the sun dried tomatoes with white wine, simmering, and topping al dente MagNoodes, turned out to be quite interesting. I wish he had left out some of the wine, we agreed it would have been nicer to have toasted a glass or two to the new recipe creation!
But the moral of the story is - MagNoodles are versatile - How do you
MagNoodle? Find the Recipe link on my website and submit your recipe.

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