Sunday, August 4, 2013

This is my goal - to become a better blogger - to let everyone know what MagNoodles is doing.

MagNoodles has been growing!

Stay tuned to find out where - and follow me on twitter @magnoodles and on facebook - MagNoodles.

The only pasta made with ancient whole grains Kamut and Spelt  + whole grain durum, semolina, and blended with either vegetables or flaxseed - the Pastabilities for great healthy meals is endless!

Mrs. MagNoodles has been traveling to share the pasta with many excited new foodies, looking for healthier choices for their meals.  Eay to digest, high in fiber, and protein, and a great taste and texture, MagNoodles is reinventing pasta!

I will keep you posted as MagNoodles moves forward.  Promise!