Sunday, June 26, 2011

Smart Dinner Pasta Salad

Tonight I am boiling MagNoodles, tossing it with a fresh basil pesto, and cutting up organic tomatoes ( Yes, I take the seeds out), and tiny chunks of fresh mozzarella (drain the brine). It is not only delicious, but the colors are beautiful, and the pasta is healthy!
And if it doesn't rain, we will be enjoying this out on our deck with grilled veggies.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Now in Select Stores in the Pittsburgh, Pa. Region

MagNoodles has launched. Now you can lunch with a MagNoodles Pasta salad.
Available at McGinnis Sisters, Soergels, East End Coop, SunnyBridge Natural Foods, and Frankferd Farms, I am learning how to navigate Pittsburgh streets. And boy do I enjoy doing demos and introducing people to the great texture of my multi whole grain pasta. I find that the demos do best when I simply toss MagNoodles with a little bit of good Olive Oil and allow the flavor of the pasta to come through.
Thank you Pittsburgh customers, for embracing MagNoodles!