Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Smart Pasta Customers

So I am having a great time working the demos for MagNoodles - from Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Cincinnati - and soon Toledo - I love meeting my customers! And yes, my new marketing phrase was takend from those customers, #doesnottastelikecardboard. If any of you follow me on twitter, you already know that.

There are many plant based diets out there - and although I admit to eating (small amounts) meats, I am finding plant based diets more and more appealing. Maybe because I toss so many plant based foods with MagNoodles. And finally, we are eating Kale. When my husband and I owned our supermarket, Kale was used as the base under our deli food displays. Getting my husband to eat fresh spinach was a coup, and now he is loving that Kale! I saute it in olive oil with garlic, then add little bits of water until it becomes soft. It might take 10 minutes, or up to 30 minutes to cook. I toss it with MagNoodles, and the secret ingredient is a flavored balsamic vinegar, available at gourmet stores. Drizzle that on top, and you have a great dinner. Our favorite flavored balsamic vinegar is Fig. But be adventurous - MagNoodles goes with everything.

We were fortunate to have heard Dr. Esselstyn speak at YSU this month, he truly is passionate about his plant based diet. But not half as much as his wife, who shares tips on how to eat healthy and smart on her husband's diet. Although the diet is very strict (No Oils, not even Olive Oil), and there is no moderation, it works. And for those people who have a history of heart disease, eating healthy sure beats open heart surgery.
Just ask my husband.

So if you have not seen the movie, "FORKS OVER KNIVES", or read PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE, I highly recommend both.